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We are a North American university in the heart of Europe. At LCC International University, we confirm our identity as an international university and offer BA and MA programs for students from around the world.

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The only North American style university in Europe.

A broad spectrum of higher education to prepare yourself for the real world.

Christian values honoring student diversity, other religious traditions and cultures.

Small classes with an average 15:1 student to professor ratio means quality and individuality.

~700 total students. 60% of BA students live on campus where the experience of co-living in safe, respectful place forges friendships that last a lifetime.

On-site residence halls, cafeteria, gym and other facilities.

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Zoom is Not Enough
14 Aug 2023

Zoom is ordering their employees back to the office.

In today’s BBC news, “the firm said it believed a “structured hybrid approach” was most effective and people living within 50 miles (80km) of an office should work in person at least twice a week” (8 Aug. 2023, Sherman, www.bbc.com/news/business-66432173)

Why are employers convinced that putting humans in the same room at least a few days week is preferred over working through a screen all week?

For the same reason, our university requires all online master’s degree students to physically attend classes 2 of the 52 weeks in a year.

The Magic of Summer Camps
14 Aug 2023

Language learning at a summer camp is pure magic! Kids attend an English summer camp, participate in activities, play football, sing and — magic — their English improves dramatically. How does this happen?

What is Graduation?
14 Aug 2023

What’s not to love about graduation?

You either love graduation ceremonies or you hate them. Why do universities spend so much time planning, preparing, scripting, and practicing for graduation? What are we celebrating? And what’s with the funny hoods?

LCC International University Welcomes New Academic Vice President
4 Aug 2023

LCC International University is pleased to welcome Dr. Christopher Howard as our new Academic Vice President, beginning August 1, 2023. Dr. Howard comes to LCC with a strong background in teaching, research, accreditation, and leadership. His most recent work has been at Pfeiffer University (North Carolina).

Peace and Historical Identities: A look at Lithuania’s Culture
24 Jul 2023

On the 8th of June, the Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation invited a small group of students and staff and faculty members to visit a unique place in the middle of the forest in the countryside of Lithuania.

Mischa Cantu Blake - From a Prestigious LA Film School to LCC
7 Jul 2023

Meet Mischa Cantu Blake who joined the faculty of LCC International University in December 2022. She is an assistant professor teaching in the Contemporary Communication department. We recently sat down with Mischa to learn more about her and her experience at LCC.

University education is never limited to the classroom or semester
3 Jul 2023

Meet an LCC International University student Meder from Kyrgyzstan! He is a senior studying BA in International Relations and Development at LCC International University. This summer, Meder received the US Department of State scholarship to participate in the Global Village 2023 program of the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University, PA. These are the type of opportunities that studying at LCC opens for the students.

LCC International University exceeded all expectations
3 Jul 2023

Meet Ieva from Lithuania! She is a senior studying BA in International Relations and Development at LCC International University. Her decision to study at LCC surpassed all her expectations!

A summer blessing for teachers
9 Jun 2023

Summer is (almost) here. For many teachers, July and August hold the promise of rest and rejuvenation. As we begin this season, I offer words of blessings for teachers.

Art of Teaching Part I: The Worst Thing You Can Do to a Teacher
9 Jun 2023

Driving is a public task; we watch drivers every day. Violinists perform on stage; we pay money to hear a great orchestra. We watch window washers as they swish the squeegee along the glass. We cheer for basketball players as they both run plays on the court. There are umpteen cooking shows where we watch cooking masters grill marinated pork on skewers.

Art of Teaching part II: Manageable Peer Observations
9 Jun 2023

I love leaving the dentist’s office. The drilling is over, my mouth can relax, and my teeth are clean. Going to the dentist is important; it is not enjoyable, but the result is therapeutic for my teeth.

"The most transformative years of my life" - Interview with Evianda Noka, Class of 2021
6 Jun 2023

Meet Evianda Noka from Albania, who graduated from LCC International University in 2021 with a degree in Contemporary Communication. Evianda describes her four years at LCC as the most transformative years of her life. So, what is it that made her studies at LCC so special? We recently sat down with Evianda to reflect on her time at LCC and how this education impacted her life post-graduation.

The 2023 Commencement Speech by Roberts Lanka
1 Jun 2023

My start at LCC began quite wildly. Eager for a fresh start, on the way from my house in Liepāja, only an hour away, I cut all my dreadlocks at the side of a forest road and arrived in the dorms with a fresh buzz cut. Like many freshmen, I felt incredibly lonely for the first two weeks, until I was taken under the wing of my roommate and introduced to the study abroad group, which I became friends with almost instantly, being called the most American non-American for my affinity of the Packers, SNL, and root beer floats.

Since then, many things have changed.

A North American Traveling to a University in Lithuania to Study English Language. Why?
16 May 2023

LCC International University, Lithuania is a North American style liberal arts university in the city of Klaipėda, Lithuania. We are a home for faculty from North America and Europe as well as students from more than 60 different countries. A North American education model provides unique opportunities for students in our region, but the setting of the university as well as the intentionally international community makes us a unique destination even for students from North America.

10 May 2023

Thesis is a verb. “To thesis” means to create research questions, to synthesize sources into a literature review, to design methods, to gather data, to analyze results, and to defend the work in front of academics.

I have “thesised.” I have taught “thesising.” My students have ”thesised.”

From Dream Job to Front Line
9 May 2023

Last year, she was sitting in my classroom. This year, she is on the front lines of a war.

Last year, she revised chapter 5 of her thesis.

This year, she is delivering supplies to soldiers amidst daily shelling. Last year, she painted her nails. This year, she is wearing combat boots. She is one of the lucky ones.
Geraldine Ryan
8 May 2023

What do New Zealand, Russia, North Korea, and Lithuania have in common? They are all places that Dr. Geraldine Ryan has called “home.” Dr. Geraldine Ryan brings her life-long, global experience teaching English to both the BA English program and the MA TESOL program.

Moose Basketball: Season Overview
25 Apr 2023

As we come to the end of the academic year, this is a good time to look back and reflect on a vital aspect of LCC‘s vibrant student life – the basketball season. We celebrate with our student-athletes. Here are some of the key highlights of our Moose teams from this year.

"We feel like we're on a 'hard-working' vacation" - Travis Myers, LCC Faculty
19 Apr 2023

Meet Dr. Travis Myers who is an Assistant Professor of Humanities at LCC International University!

Leadership Development Program 2023 Awards
18 Apr 2023

The Leadership Development Awards recognizes all of the student leaders at LCC. Over the course of the night, we looked back on our theme of Wholehearted Leadership and acknowledged every participant in the program. Each mentor shared how they thought their student had specifically grown and how their leadership was seen.

The Dark Side of UX
17 Apr 2023

Milvydas Knyzelis is an instructor in the BA in Contemporary Communication program at LCC. He holds an MA in Media and Communication Studies from Malmö University, Sweden. His teaching areas evolve around Web Design, Usability and User Experience Design.

Shadowing a Peace Actor: What Makes up Home and Identity?
4 Apr 2023

The Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation at LCC International University recently hosted the storytelling peacebuilding performer Raffi Feghali from Lebanon on March 20-21st.

Navigating Conflict and Change: Training Facilitators in Dialogue for Peaceful Change
3 Apr 2023

LCC International University recently had the honor of hosting peace facilitators Colin and Rachel Craig and Michael Gibbs from Northern Ireland for a series of workshops in facilitator training in navigating conflict and change. The workshops united LCC staff, students, and external guests and focused on broadening the framework for peacebuilding based on the Dialogue for Peaceful Change methodology. During February and March 2023, the training included an exploration of the interconnection of both mimetics and memetics, which are important concepts in the field of peacebuilding and conflict management.

Transforming Conflicts at the Grassroots through the eyes of a Peace Scholar
24 Mar 2023

From March 14-17th, LCC had the honor of welcoming Prince Agyei, a visiting professor from Ghana who is currently working on his PhD dissertation at Tampere University in Finland. Prince reached out to the Center for Peace and Conflict Transformation at LCC, recognizing its similar mission in promoting peace and conflict transformation. His research focuses on intractable communal conflicts, specifically looking at the South and the Nkonya-Alavanyo conflict in Ghana, and how a transformative approach might be used to build relationships – reducing violence and promoting justice.

Recognizing and Remembering Resilience: A week of Memory
7 Mar 2023

One year ago, the day of February 24th, changed the lives of many. The Russian full-scale invasion on the territory of Ukraine shook the whole world, bringing a lot of pain, loss and grief.

The Center for Peace and Conflict Transformation aimed to recognize the gravity of the day and organized a series of events to help people process their emotions and find hope for a peaceful future. The use of storytelling, through personal stories and expert insights, was a powerful way to encourage reflection and empathy among the listeners.

Summer Language Institute of 2022
29 Jul 2022

On July 29, LCC closed the Summer Language Institute of 2022. 135 students from 9 different spent three weeks in a new environment learning the English language and making new friends. The students were served and taught by teachers and staff from North America and many parts of Europe.

LCC Staff, Faculty, and Students attend Refugee Conference
20 Jun 2022

On June 15, LCC’s peace Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation took 5 students and 3 faculty/staff to the Lithuanian migration conference “Policies of (Un)welcome – Regional Perspectives” in Vilnius.

Seeking Refuge
1 Jun 2022

From May 23-27, the Center of Dialogue and Conflict Transformation took 4 students, 5 staff and faculty, and a guest, John Stiefel, (a community development, humanitarian peacebuilding consultant) to the most populated refugee camp in Lithuania, providing shelter to over 600 residents located in Rukla – a small NATO military town near Kaunas. The residents of Rukla are asylum seekers from Iraq, Afghanistan, Belarus, Syria, and many more – they are fleeing poverty, political persecution, and war. Despite their valid need for sanctuary, they find themselves feeling ‘unwelcome’.

Free Lithuanian languages courses for Ukrainian refugees at LCC International University
22 Apr 2022

LCC International University, which has about 200 Ukrainian students, has established a Ukraine emergency fund available to any Ukrainian LCC student. Also, the university is organizing free Lithuanian language courses for Ukrainian refugees.

"Stories Shaping Peace" conference
31 Mar 2022

From March 16th to 18th, the Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation at LCC International University organized a three-day conference, “Stories Shaping Peace.” The conference focused on taking three different strands on Narrative: storytelling, its role in healing, and building a democratic society.

LCC support for war-affected students
2 Mar 2022

In response to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the incredible hardships it is causing so many of our students, LCC International University is initiating increased academic and financial assistance for LCC students affected by the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Freshman Danylo Semakov: A Leader and An Artist
22 Feb 2022

Danylo Samenkov is a freshman studying Psychology. He is from Ukraine, and his hometown is Kharkiv, the capital of the Slobozhanshchyna region, located in the East of Ukraine.

Sanita Descelles - LCC alumna on finding passion in life
2 Feb 2022

Sanita was our first student from Thailand. Before this Spring semester, she was the only one from Thailand who studied at LCC International University. She graduated from LCC in 2008 with a degree in English Language and Literature.

Justas Gusčius - A Guitarist Psychology major
28 Jan 2022

Justas Gusčius is a third-year student, studying Psychology at LCC International University. He is a 23-year-old Lithuanian, born and raised in Klaipėda. We have interviewed him to hear more about his journey, relationships, and decisions.

Vladyslava Vertogradska: A Talk Show Host and A Contemporary Communication Major
28 Jan 2022

Meet Vladyslava Vertogradska from Ukraine. As a senior at LCC International University, she is studying Contemporary Communication. Additional to being a student, Vlada is Chief of Academics for a Student Conference in Japan, and the creator and host of Vlada’s Talk Show – a podcast about educational opportunities for students.

Elizaveta Velichko from Belarus studies Law and English language and literature
1 Dec 2021

Elizaveta Velichko is from Grodno, Belarus. She comes from a large family of three brothers and seven foster siblings, four of which are grown and now live on their own already. Elizaveta is currently an English Language and Literature student at LCC. Interestingly though, this is not her first year in Lithuania, and LCC is not her first university.

Alisa Paivina: Business Administration alumna on female leadership
23 Nov 2021

A couple of weeks ago, we started our “Coffee with Alumni” webinar series. Our first guest this fall was Alisa Paivina, LCC Class of 2007. She has achieved great success as a female leader, working for DFDS since 2014, in a traditionally male-dominant industry. She started in sales, and now she is the Commercial Director of the Baltic’s freight agencies in Klaipeda and Riga.

Gevorg Hayrapetian: Marking the Senior year as the president of StuCo
16 Sept 2021

The Armenian student he didn’t plan to be in Europe for a few years – but LCC’s international dimension coupled with knowing some of the Armenian students at LCC resulted in the unexpected decision to apply.

Finding Yourself at a Liberal Arts University: Changing Majors
20 Aug 2021

LCC International University employs a liberal arts education model, so that, in addition to a specific major, students study a variety of disciplines included with their core curriculum and electives. This North American approach also grants an easier transition from one major to another giving a space to explore, make mistakes, and grow.

Viktorija Giedraitiene: International Partnerships, Education, and Culture
19 Aug 2021

Officially, Viktorija Giedraitiene is the Director of the Center for International Education (CIE) at LCC International University. She is also responsible for the smooth operation of the Study Abroad program, ensuring the greatest experiences for LCC students, and others coming from all around the world. As we look into her vast working experience, we discussed the benefits of cultural exchange, different perspectives on institutional partnerships, and how Viktorija does it all.

LCC International University announces launch of Global Cyber Technology Center
30 Apr 2021

In this year where the world has moved onto all digital platforms, LCC International University was proud to announce its partnership with Cybint, the global education company, to offer the first university Bootcamp partnership in Europe. The launch of LCC’s Global Cyber Technology Center is the next step forward as the University aims to become an organizational focal point for educational initiatives and resources related to cyber training of the diverse learning and business communities at local, regional, and international levels.

Oleksii Korotych: “Being a Presidential Scholarship recipient, inspires me to do more every single day.”
30 Apr 2021

Meet Oleksii, a Communications major from Ukraine, finishing up his sophomore year at LCC. This student describes himself as always having been adventurous, curious, and hard-working. These characteristics allow him to not only keep a high GPA and participate in leadership activities but to be a part of the Yearbook team as well. The President’s Leadership Scholarship that he received after completing his freshman year continues to be a launching point for the Ukrainian, empowering him with self-confidence and inspiration to be creative and to be a positive influence in the LCC community.