University education is never limited to the classroom or semester

Photo illustrating the news item

Meet an LCC International University student Meder from Kyrgyzstan! He is a senior studying BA in International Relations and Development at LCC International University. This summer, Meder received the US Department of State scholarship to participate in the Global Village 2023 program of the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University, PA. These are the type of opportunities that studying at LCC opens for the students.

The Iacocca Global Village is designed for future leaders. It brings young professionals, entrepreneurs, and advanced university students from every continent to live and work together in an intensive and diverse learning community. Meder is participating in the 5-week program alongside 55 ‘villagers’ from 38 countries and 41 positions or fields of study.

Meder shares, “So far my experience at the village has been amazing. I am amazed by the talents and achievements of my fellow villagers here. I think it is a valuable, one-time experience to be around so many participants from all corners of the world. I can’t wait to work on our consulting projects and meet representatives from large organizations such as the World Bank, International Labor Organization, USAID, and many others. We have a very busy schedule for the next five weeks.”

This year, the attendees are set to work in cross-cultural teams on real leadership challenges for organizations across the globe. Participants will also develop personal leadership vision and plan, and build a network of global colleagues, mentors, and friends.

LCC is glad to see our students, such as Meder, participate in meaningful programs during the summer that continue their professional and personal development preparing them to thrive in a global community. Your university education is never limited to the classroom or semester. Glad to see our talented students gaining valuable knowledge and experience during the summer!

3 Jul 2023