Sanita Descelles - LCC alumna on finding passion in life

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Sanita was our first student from Thailand. Before this Spring semester, she was the only one from Thailand who studied at LCC International University. She graduated from LCC in 2008 with a degree in English Language and Literature.

After graduating, Sanita started a job teaching, which she did only for a short time. After working in a different field, she eventually came back to teach English. She has been at the school for almost 10 years as an English teacher.

Sanita is a Middle School Special Education teacher at the International Community School in Bangkok. Sanita teaches a group of international students along with other teachers and a teacher assistant. This school reminds Sanita of LCC because it is an American school with a tight-knit community and Christian values.

Interestingly, Sanita never thought or desired to be a teacher. Many of her close relatives – grandfather, grandmother, and mother – are educators or have worked closely in educational institutions. However, she was encouraged not to be a teacher.

Unlike many students, Sanita did not get into college right away after finishing high school. She worked as a receptionist, doing secretarial work.

At LCC, she ended up studying English Language and Literature because she wanted to be a translator. She hoped to translate the Bible for rare languages. However, after her first linguistics class, she realized that it was not the path for her.

She discovered her true desire just before her senior year at LCC. She was a counselor at camp “Tu esi ypatingas,” working with children with disabilities. This was when she realized she wanted to continue working with children.

Sanita shares that LCC staff and faculty, the local people, and her international friends helped her find the camp she worked at that summer. Without them, she would not have known that working with children with disabilities was her passion. And even though she was still searching for a career she would love, it was that summer she realized what she really wanted to do.

Sanita shares a few tips on how to discover your passion. One way is by asking yourself, “What is that thing you want to talk about for hours?”

Tune in to the webinar to hear her full story and learn to find your passion in life.

2 Feb 2022