The Dark Side of UX

Photo illustrating the news item

Milvydas Knyzelis is an instructor in the BA in Contemporary Communication program at LCC. He holds an MA in Media and Communication Studies from Malmö University, Sweden. His teaching areas evolve around Web Design, Usability and User Experience Design.

Recently Milvydas took part in the staff and faculty exchange week, which took place between 6 and 10 March, organized by Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in Ghent, Belgium.

He presented the topic of UX Design: „The Dark Side of UX: Manipulative Digital Design Practices“. This lecture invited students to discuss and consider what dangerous design methods designers possess in their toolbox, how to employ these methods in a human-centered way, and why ethical design is the best way forward.

Milvydas shared: „In terms of professional development, participating in the Erasmus+ exchange program was beneficial to challenge the current teaching model by engaging with students outside of the home university context. I would be happy to participate in the program in the future!”

LCC International University holds many professional development opportunities for staff and faculty, such as Erasmus+ exchange program. Through such opportunities, Milvydas, among other employees, has found it to be beneficial to further advance in his speciality and integrate the newly-gathered knowledge into the classroom experience back at LCC.

17 Apr 2023