LCC International University exceeded all expectations

Photo illustrating the news item

Meet Ieva from Lithuania! She is a senior studying BA in International Relations and Development at LCC International University. Her decision to study at LCC surpassed all her expectations!

“My decision to study at LCC allowed me to get an education and an international experience right here at home. My classmates are students from all around the world. I wouldn’t get such a multicultural atmosphere even if I studied abroad.”

Ieva is also happy about her decision to study BA in International Relations and Development and is enjoying the liberal arts education model.

“This study model suits me very well. I thoroughly analyzed the study program before applying, but what I didn’t expect, is what a sincere connection professors create with students, how much each student and their stories matter to them, how much they care that every student would succeed. These connections continue even after graduation.”

Ieva also finds that studying, volunteering, and being friends with LCC students from all around the globe add an extra layer to her studies. For example, she has classmates from countries such as Afghanistan, Albania, Kirgizstan, and Ukraine. In class discussions, they all share opinions shaped by personal, historical, and cultural experiences.

“Multicultural classes at LCC give me the opportunity to get to know the world. I return home with a broader understanding. In class, examples are not limited to a certain country or region. We get a diversity of global experiences. And it’s not limited to the textbooks. We get to know not only how others live, and their cultures, but also the problems and governance structures of those countries. Studying in such a multicultural environment we get additional education.”

LCC offers a liberal arts study model and an international experience, which many of our students find to be the aspects that allow them to flourish during their studies and help them succeed in their careers.

3 Jul 2023