Leadership Development Program 2023 Awards

Photo illustrating the news item

The Leadership Development Awards recognizes all of the student leaders at LCC. Over the course of the night, we looked back on our theme of Wholehearted Leadership and acknowledged every participant in the program. Each mentor shared how they thought their student had specifically grown and how their leadership was seen.

During the ceremony, one student was selected as the Student Leader of the Year. This student exemplified the characteristic of the award by being a person who exhibits servant leadership, excellent service, and makes meaningful contributions to the LCC community. The receipt of the 2022-2023 LDP Student Leader of the Year award was Meder Mukai Uulu from Kyrgyzstan! As a Resident Assistant, Meder went above and beyond by serving his floor and seeking to care for his fellow student leaders. Furthermore, Meder always seeks the best in others and speaks positively even about hard situations.

A part of the ceremony is also looking to next year. All of the 2023-2024 new student leaders were also invited and recognized by name and by their future position. Additionally, we announced our new theme for next year of “What’s Your Why” based on Start With Why by Simon Sinek. We will be examining why it is important for leaders to start with understanding why they lead instead of just how they lead. The “Why” of a leader helps orient themselves and others to better serve their community around them.

We closed out the ceremony by partaking in Hors d’oeuvres and enjoying each others company!

18 Apr 2023